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John Aniston
Partners of 
John Aniston

Days of Our Lives Actor
Father of Jennifer Aniston
John Aniston

John Anthony Aniston




Monday 24 Jul 1933

John Aniston
Bio Details

Full name

John Anthony Aniston

Maiden name

Giannis Anastasakis





Date of birth

Monday 24 Jul 1933

Birth place

Chania, Crete, Greece



Partners of 
John Aniston

Nancy Dow Aniston


1 child together

married 11 Dec 1965
divorce 20 Aug 1980

Sherry Rooney Aniston


1 child together


John Aniston Children

Jennifer Aniston

born 1969, age 49
with Nancy Dow Aniston

Star of US Sitcom Friends

A J Aniston

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Sherry Rooney Aniston

Jennifer Anistons Half Brother

John Aniston Partner(s) Other Children


John Aniston Family

John Aniston's parents:

John Aniston's father was Antonios Anastasakis John Aniston's mother was Stella Anastasakis

John Aniston's children:

John Aniston's daughter is Jennifer Aniston John Aniston's son is A J Aniston

John Aniston's current partners:

John Aniston's wife is Sherry Rooney Aniston

John Aniston's former partners:

John Aniston's former wife was Nancy Dow Aniston

John Aniston's grandchildren:

John Aniston's grandson is Ryat Aniston

John Aniston's former in laws:

John Aniston's former son in law is Brad Pitt John Aniston's former son in law is Justin Theroux John Aniston's former father in law is Gordon Dow John Aniston's former mother in law is Louise Dow John Aniston's former grandfather in law is Louis Grieco John Aniston's former grandmother in law is Mae Dunbar