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Jeff Stone
Partner of 
Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone

Jeffrey Charles

Jeff Stone
Bio Details

Full name

Jeffrey Charles




Golf Course Owner

Building Contractor

Co-owns the Camelback Golf Course in Scottsdale where Emma grew up.

Partners of 
Jeff Stone

Krista Stone


2 children together

22 Oct 1983

Jeff Stone Children

Emma Stone

born 1988, age 29
with Krista Stone

Actress starring in La La Land and The Amazing Spiderman

Spencer Stone

born 1990, age 28 (approx.)
with Krista Stone

Jeff Stone Partner(s) Other Children


Jeff Stone Family

Jeff Stone's parents:

Jeff Stone's father is Conrad Stone Jeff Stone's mother is Marilyn Stone

Jeff Stone's children:

Jeff Stone's daughter is Emma Stone Jeff Stone's son is Spencer Stone

Jeff Stone's current partners:

Jeff Stone's wife is Krista Stone

Jeff Stone's in laws:

Jeff Stone's father in law is Donald Yeager Jeff Stone's mother in law is Jean Yeager