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Partners of 
Tish Finley
Tish Finley

Partners of 
Tish Finley

Billy Ray Cyrus



Baxter Helson


1 child together

relationship began circa 1989
until about 1992

Jerry Lee Lawson


1 child together

affair from circa 1987

Tish Finley
Bio Details

Full name

Leticia Jean Finley




53 (approx.)

Date of birth


Mother of Miley Cyrus
Tish Finley

Leticia Jean Finley


53 (approx.)



Tish Finley Partner(s) Other Children

Tish Finley Children

Brandi Cyrus

born 1987, age 32
with Jerry Lee Lawson

Trace Cyrus

born 1989, age 30
with Baxter Helson

Member of band Metro Station

Miley Cyrus

born 1992, age 27
with Billy Ray Cyrus

American teen idol, Hannah Montana Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus

Braison Cyrus

born 1994, age 25
with Billy Ray Cyrus

Noah Cyrus

born 2000, age 20
with Billy Ray Cyrus

Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus


Tish Finley Family

Tish Finley's children:

Tish Finley's daughter is Miley Cyrus Tish Finley's son is Trace Cyrus Tish Finley's daughter is Noah Cyrus Tish Finley's daughter is Brandi Cyrus Tish Finley's son is Braison Cyrus

Tish Finley's current partners:

Tish Finley reunited with Billy Ray Cyrus

Tish Finley's former partners:

Tish Finley had an affair with Jerry Lee Lawson Tish Finley had a relationship with Baxter Helson

Tish Finley's former in laws:

Tish Finley's former son in law is Liam Hemsworth