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Partners of 
Renee Simonot
Renee Simonot

Partners of 
Renee Simonot

Maurice Dorléac


3 children together

1940 - 1979

Aime Clariond


1 child together

relationship began circa 1934
until circa 1937

Renee Simonot
Bio Details

Full name

Jeanne Renee Dorléac

Maiden name

Jeanne Renee Deneuve

Also known as

Renée Simonot





Date of birth

Sunday 10 Sep 1911

Birth place

Le Havre, France



July 2015: Still alive at 103.
Famous French stage actress
Mother of Catherine Deneuve
Renee Simonot

Jeanne Renee Dorléac




Sunday 10 Sep 1911

Renee Simonot Partner(s) Other Children

Renee Simonot Children

Danielle Dorleac

born 1937, age 81 (approx.)
with Aime Clariond

Françoise Dorléac

born 1942, died 1967, age 25
with Maurice Dorléac

Catherine Deneuve

born 1943, age 74
with Maurice Dorléac

French Actress

Sylvie Dorleac

born 1946, age 72 (approx.)
with Maurice Dorléac


Renee Simonot Family

Renee Simonot's children:

Renee Simonot's daughter is Catherine Deneuve Renee Simonot's daughter was Françoise Dorléac Renee Simonot's daughter is Danielle Dorleac Renee Simonot's daughter is Sylvie Dorleac

Renee Simonot's former partners:

Renee Simonot's former husband was Maurice Dorléac Renee Simonot had a relationship with Aime Clariond

Renee Simonot's grandchildren:

Renee Simonot's grandson is Christian Vadim Renee Simonot's granddaughter is Chiara Mastroianni

Renee Simonot's great grandchildren:

Renee Simonot's great grandson is Igor Vadim Renee Simonot's great grandchild is Lou Vadim Renee Simonot's great granddaughter is Mona Vadim Renee Simonot's great granddaughter is Anna Biolay

Renee Simonot's former in laws:

Renee Simonot's former son in law is David Bailey