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Partners of 
Faten Hamama
Faten Hamama

Partners of 
Faten Hamama

Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud


1974 (aft.)

Omar Sharif


1 child together

married 1955
divorce 1974

Izzedine Zulficar, Ezzel Dine Zulficar


1 child together

relationship began 1947
until 1953

Faten Hamama
Bio Details

Full name

Faten Ahmed Hamama

Maiden name

Faten Ahmed Hamama





Date of birth

Wednesday 27 May 1931

Birth place

Al Mansurah, Egypt

Date of death:

17 Jan 2015

Place of death

Cairo, Egypt

"Lady of the Arabic Screen"
Faten Hamama

Faten Ahmed Hamama




Wednesday 27 May 1931


17 Jan 2015

Faten Hamama Partner(s) Other Children

Faten Hamama Children

Nadia Zulficar

born 1948 (ca.), age 70 (ca.)
with Izzedine Zulficar, Ezzel Dine Zulficar

Tarek El-Sharif

born 1957, age 61 (approx.)
with Omar Sharif


Faten Hamama Family

Faten Hamama's parents:

Faten Hamama's father is Ahmed Hamama

Faten Hamama's children:

Faten Hamama's daughter is Nadia Zulficar Faten Hamama's son is Tarek El-Sharif

Faten Hamama's current partners:

Faten Hamama's husband was Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud

Faten Hamama's former partners:

Faten Hamama's former husband was Omar Sharif Faten Hamama had a relationship with Izzedine Zulficar, Ezzel Dine Zulficar

Faten Hamama's grandchildren:

Faten Hamama's grandson is Omar Sharif Jr. Faten Hamama's grandson is Karim Sharif

Faten Hamama's in laws:

Faten Hamama's daughter in law is Shahira Fahmy

Faten Hamama's former in laws:

Faten Hamama's former father in law is Joseph Chalhoub Faten Hamama's former mother in law is Claire Chalhoub Faten Hamama's former daughter in law is Debbie Wajcer-Sharif