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Omar Sharif
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Omar Sharif

Egyptian Actor
Oscar nominated for Lawrence of Arabia
Omar Sharif

Michel Demitri Shalhoub




Sunday 10 Apr 1932


10 Jul 2015

Omar Sharif
Bio Details

Full name

Michel Demitri Shalhoub

Also known as

Michel Demitri Chalhoub

Omar Shariff

Omar El Cherif

Omar Cherif





Date of birth

Sunday 10 Apr 1932

Birth place

Alexandria, Egypt

Date of death:

10 Jul 2015

Place of death

Cairo, Egypt

Cause of death

Heart attack.



Actor (1953)


Victoria College, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Up The Tigers!

Sharif is an avid fan of Hull City Football Club, known as the Tigers due to their black and orange striped strip, and has received and honorary Doctorate of Letters from Hull University in recognition of his unswerving support of the football team.  He developed a love for the Tigers in the 1960s when sharing a flat with Tom Courtney who introduced him the the game and the team.

Conversion for Love

In order to marry Faten Hamama, Sharif converted from Catholic to Muslim.  He has said that since his divorce he has never fallen in love with another woman.

Bridging the gap

Sharif is known as one of the world's leading bridge players, and in 1969 he formed the Omar Sharif Bridge Circus which toured the world playing exhibition matches.  It has been said that in bridge playing circles Sharif is thought of as "that famous bridge expert who happens to show up in movies from time to time".

Courting Controversy

While starring alongside Barbra Streisand in the film "Funny Girl", a photograph of Streisand and Sharif sharing a kiss resulted in Sharif's films being banned in Egypt as Egyptian born Sharif could be seen kissing a Jewish woman.

Golden Globes

1963 - New Star of the Year - Lawrence of Arabia
1963 - Best Supporting Actor - Lawrence of Arabia
1966 - Best Actor - Doctor Zhivago

Partners of 
Omar Sharif

Annette Stroyberg

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from after 1964

Faten Hamama


1 child together

married 1955
divorce 1974

Omar Sharif Children

Tarek El-Sharif

born 1957, age 61 (approx.)
with Faten Hamama

Omar Sharif Partner(s) Other Children


Omar Sharif Family

Omar Sharif's parents:

Omar Sharif's father is Joseph Chalhoub Omar Sharif's mother is Claire Chalhoub

Omar Sharif's children:

Omar Sharif's son is Tarek El-Sharif

Omar Sharif's former partners:

Omar Sharif's former wife was Faten Hamama Omar Sharif allegedly had a romance with Annette Stroyberg

Omar Sharif's grandchildren:

Omar Sharif's grandson is Omar Sharif Jr. Omar Sharif's grandson is Karim Sharif

Omar Sharif's in laws:

Omar Sharif's daughter in law is Shahira Fahmy

Omar Sharif's former in laws:

Omar Sharif's former father in law is Ahmed Hamama Omar Sharif's former daughter in law is Debbie Wajcer-Sharif

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