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Partners of 
Petsy Wyatt
Petsy Wyatt

Partners of 
Petsy Wyatt

Boris Johnson

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from circa 2000
until circa 2004

Petsy Wyatt
Bio Details

Full name

Petronella Aspasia Wyatt







Oxford University : Worcester College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

St. Paul's School, Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom

Followed her father to  Worcester College, Oxford but hated it so much she stayed only one week and has since cited prejudice agains Tories as her reason for leaving.

Petsy Wyatt Siblings

Pericles Wyatt


other parent: Morrea Hastings

Petsy Wyatt

Petronella Aspasia Wyatt


Petsy Wyatt Family

Petsy Wyatt's parents:

Petsy Wyatt's father was Woodrow Wyatt Petsy Wyatt's mother is Veronica Wyatt

Petsy Wyatt's former step-parents:

Petsy Wyatt's former step-mother is Morrea Hastings

Petsy Wyatt's former partners:

Petsy Wyatt allegedly had a romance with Boris Johnson

Petsy Wyatt's siblings:

Petsy Wyatt's half-brother is Pericles Wyatt

Petsy Wyatt's former step-grandparents:

Petsy Wyatt's former step-grandfather was Warner Hastings