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Gregor Fisher
Partner of 
Gregor Fisher

Gregor Fisher

Gregor Fisher




Tuesday 22 Dec 1953

Gregor Fisher
Bio Details

Full name

Gregor Fisher





Date of birth

Tuesday 22 Dec 1953

Birth place

Glasgow, Scotland, UK



Rab C Nesbitt

Gregor Fisher has played philosopher Rab C Nesbitt since 1990
Never knew his birth father and his mother died when he was three. Adopted initially by a couple who gave him his surname of Fisher and then taken in by his aunt and uncle John and Cissie Leckie.

Partners of 
Gregor Fisher

Victoria Fisher


3 children together


Gregor Fisher Children

Alexander Fisher

born 1986, age 32 (approx.)
with Victoria Fisher

Jamie Fisher

born 1988, age 30 (approx.)
with Victoria Fisher

Cissie Fisher

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Victoria Fisher

Gregor Fisher Partner(s) Other Children


Gregor Fisher Family

Gregor Fisher's children:

Gregor Fisher's son is Alexander Fisher Gregor Fisher's son is Jamie Fisher Gregor Fisher's daughter is Cissie Fisher

Gregor Fisher's current partners:

Gregor Fisher's wife is Victoria Fisher

Gregor Fisher's in laws:

Gregor Fisher's step-father in law was Peter Vaughan Gregor Fisher's father in law was Peter Burton Gregor Fisher's mother in law is Lillias Walker Gregor Fisher's step-grandfather in law was Max Ohm Gregor Fisher's step-grandmother in law was Marion Ohm Gregor Fisher's sister in law is Alexandra Burton Gregor Fisher's half-brother in law is David Ohm