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Pete Best
Partner of 
Pete Best

Original Drummer in the Beatles
Pete Best

Randolph Peter Best




Monday 24 Nov 1941

Pete Best
Bio Details

Full name

Randolph Peter Best





Date of birth

Monday 24 Nov 1941

Birth place

Madras, India


Factory Worker (1968 - 1969)

Civil Servant (1969 - 1988)

Drummer (1988)

A very different future....

Best had been given the opportunity to go to teacher training school, but decide against it, and went to play the drums in Hamburg instead.  His O Level in German meant he was the only member of the group who could communicate with the owner of the club they were playing in.

Pete Best Siblings

Roag Best


other parent: Neil Aspinall

Partners of 
Pete Best

Kathy Best


2 children together

Jun 1963

Pete Best Children

Beba Best

born 1964, age 54 (approx.)
with Kathy Best

Bonita Best

born 1968, age 50 (approx.)
with Kathy Best

Pete Best Partner(s) Other Children


Pete Best Family

Pete Best's parents:

Pete Best's mother was Mona Best Pete Best's father was Donald Scanland

Pete Best's former step-parents:

Pete Best's former step-father is John Best

Pete Best's children:

Pete Best's daughter is Beba Best Pete Best's daughter is Bonita Best

Pete Best's current partners:

Pete Best's wife is Kathy Best

Pete Best's siblings:

Pete Best's half-brother is Roag Best

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