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Sir John Major
Partners of 
Sir John Major

British Prime Minister
28th Nov 1990 - 2nd May 1997
Sir John Major

Rt. Hon John Roy Major




Monday 29 Mar 1943

Sir John Major
Bio Details

Full name

Rt. Hon John Roy Major





Date of birth

Monday 29 Mar 1943

Birth place

St Heller Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, England, UK


Prime Minister of Britain and First Lord of the Treasury (1990)


Rutlish School, Merton, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Sir John Major Siblings

Tom F Moss


other parent: Marie Santoi

Kathleen Lemon


other parent: Alice Frankland

Patricia Dessoy


Terry Major-Ball


Partners of 
Sir John Major

Edwina Currie


affair from 1984
until 1988

Dame Norma Major


2 children together

3 Oct 1970

Sir John Major Children

Elizabeth Salter

born 1971, age 46 (approx.)
with Dame Norma Major

James Major

born 1975, age 43
with Dame Norma Major

Sir John Major Partner(s) Other Children


Sir John Major Family

Sir John Major's parents:

Sir John Major's father was Tom Major-Ball Sir John Major's mother was Gwendolyn Major-Ball Sir John Major's step-mother was Kitty Ball

Sir John Major's children:

Sir John Major's daughter is Elizabeth Salter Sir John Major's son is James Major

Sir John Major's current partners:

Sir John Major's wife is Dame Norma Major

Sir John Major's former partners:

Sir John Major had an affair with Edwina Currie

Sir John Major's siblings:

Sir John Major's half-brother was Tom F Moss Sir John Major's half-sister is Kathleen Lemon Sir John Major's sister is Patricia Dessoy Sir John Major's brother was Terry Major-Ball

Sir John Major's grandparents:

Sir John Major's grandfather is Abraham Ball Sir John Major's grandmother is Sarah Ann Marrah

Sir John Major's grandchildren:

Sir John Major's grandson is Harry Major

Sir John Major's in laws:

Sir John Major's father in law was Norman Wagstaff Sir John Major's mother in law is Edith Wagstaff Sir John Major's son in law was Dr Luke Salter

Sir John Major's former in laws:

Sir John Major's former daughter in law is Emma Noble

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