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Partners of 
Sue Katona
Sue Katona

Partners of 
Sue Katona

Tina Bates


partners from about Nov 1987

Arnie Ferrier


26 Nov 1983

Vic Ferrier


dated from 1980
until 1982

Ron Armstrong


1 child together

affair from about Dec 1979
until about Dec 1979

Dave Wheat


Sue Katona
Bio Details

Full name

Suer Katona




58 (approx.)

Date of birth

Feb 1960

Birth place

Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Kerry described her mother's complicated life thus: 'When I was born, Mum was seeing another guy, who I used to call Dad. His dad was my "grandad". Then my mum left him for his dad. 
'So the man I called Dad became my brother and the man I called Grandad, who was 30 years older than my mum, became my dad. 
'They got married – the most stable period of my childhood. Then my mum left him for a woman.' 

Sue Katona Siblings

Angela Katona


other parent: Betty Kewley

Andrew Katona


other parent: Betty Kewley

Sue Katona

Suer Katona


58 (approx.)


Feb 1960

Sue Katona Partner(s) Other Children

Sue Katona Children

Kerry Katona

born 1980, age 38
with Ron Armstrong

Member of Atomic Kitten

Vic Ferrier

step-child with Arnie Ferrier


Sue Katona Family

Sue Katona's parents:

Sue Katona's father is Denis Katona Sue Katona's mother is Irene Hill Sue Katona's foster father is Ken Kewley Sue Katona's foster mother is Betty Kewley

Sue Katona's former step-parents:

Sue Katona's former step-mother is Betty Kewley

Sue Katona's children:

Sue Katona's daughter is Kerry Katona Sue Katona's step-son is Vic Ferrier

Sue Katona's current partners:

Sue Katona is a partner of Tina Bates Sue Katona's husband is Arnie Ferrier

Sue Katona's former partners:

Sue Katona dated Vic Ferrier Sue Katona had an affair with Ron Armstrong Sue Katona had a relationship with Dave Wheat

Sue Katona's siblings:

Sue Katona's half-sister is Angela Katona Sue Katona's half-brother is Andrew Katona

Sue Katona's grandchildren:

Sue Katona's granddaughter is Molly McFadden Sue Katona's granddaughter is Lilly-Sue McFadden Sue Katona's granddaughter is Heidi Croft Sue Katona's grandson is Maxwell Croft Sue Katona's granddaughter is Dylan-Jorge Kay

Sue Katona's former in laws:

Sue Katona's former son in law is Brian McFadden Sue Katona's former son in law is Mark Croft