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Chris Cline
Partners of 
Chris Cline

Coal Magnate
Chris Cline

Christopher Cline




Saturday 05 Jul 1958


4 Jul 2019

Chris Cline
Bio Details

Full name

Christopher Cline





Date of birth

Saturday 05 Jul 1958

Birth place

Beckley, West Virginia, USA

Date of death:

4 Jul 2019

Place of death

Between Bahama and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Cause of death

Helicopter crash


Coal Magnate


Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Chris Cline Siblings

Kenneth Cline


Greg Cline


Partners of 
Chris Cline

Elin Woods


dated from about Mar 2013
until Aug 2014

Kelly Fama


3 children together

married 1993
divorce 2000

Sabrina Cline


1 child together

Ended 1987 (bef.)

Chris Cline Children

Candice Cline

born 1982, age 37 (approx.)
with Sabrina Cline

Logan Cline

born 1994, age 25 (approx.)
with Kelly Fama

Tanner Cline

born 1995, age 24 (approx.)
with Kelly Fama

Kameron Cline

born 1999 (ca.), died 2019, age 20 (approx.)
with Kelly Fama

Chris Cline Partner(s) Other Children


Chris Cline Family

Chris Cline's parents:

Chris Cline's father was Paul Cline Chris Cline's mother was Lassie Cline

Chris Cline's children:

Chris Cline's daughter is Candice Cline Chris Cline's son is Logan Cline Chris Cline's son is Tanner Cline Chris Cline's daughter was Kameron Cline

Chris Cline's former partners:

Chris Cline dated Elin Woods Chris Cline's former wife is Kelly Fama Chris Cline's former husband was Sabrina Cline

Chris Cline's siblings:

Chris Cline's brother is Kenneth Cline Chris Cline's brother is Greg Cline

Chris Cline's grandparents:

Chris Cline's grandfather is Greeley Justice Chris Cline's grandmother is Emmie Justice Chris Cline's grandfather is Greenway Cline Sr Chris Cline's grandmother is Maize Cline

Chris Cline's in laws:

Chris Cline's son in law is Graham Kenan

Chris Cline's former in laws:

Chris Cline's former father in law was Ernest Holley Chris Cline's former mother in law was JoAnn Holley