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James Stunt
Partners of 
James Stunt

Estranged husband of Petra Ecclestone
James Stunt

James Robert Frederick Stunt




Thursday 21 Jan 1982

James Stunt
Bio Details

Full name

James Robert Frederick Stunt





Date of birth

Thursday 21 Jan 1982


Art Collector


James Stunt Siblings

Lee Stunt


Partners of 
James Stunt

Samantha Rowley


engaged Mar 2018

Petra Ecclestone


3 children together

married Aug 2011
divorce Oct 2017

Camilla Fayed


dated from before 2006
until before May 2007

James Stunt Children

Lavinia Stunt

born 2013, age 7 (approx.)
with Petra Ecclestone

James Stunt Jr

born 2015, age 5 (approx.)
with Petra Ecclestone

Andrew Stunt

born 2015, age 5 (approx.)
with Petra Ecclestone

James Stunt Partner(s) Other Children


James Stunt Family

James Stunt's parents:

James Stunt's father is Geoffrey Stunt James Stunt's mother is Lorraine Stunt

James Stunt's children:

James Stunt's daughter is Lavinia Stunt James Stunt's son is James Stunt Jr James Stunt's son is Andrew Stunt

James Stunt's current partners:

James Stunt is the fiance of Samantha Rowley

James Stunt's former partners:

James Stunt's former wife is Petra Ecclestone James Stunt dated Camilla Fayed

James Stunt's siblings:

James Stunt's brother was Lee Stunt

James Stunt's former in laws:

James Stunt's former father in law is Bernie Ecclestone James Stunt's former mother in law is Slavica Ecclestone James Stunt's former step-mother in law is Fabiana Ecclestone Flosi James Stunt's former step-grandmother in law is Aparecida Schunk James Stunt's former grandfather in law was Sidney Ecclestone James Stunt's former grandmother in law was Bertha Ecclestone James Stunt's former grandfather in law is Jovan Radic James Stunt's former grandmother in law is Ljubica Radic James Stunt's former half-sister in law is Deborah Ecclestone James Stunt's former sister in law is Tamara Ecclestone James Stunt's former half-brother in law is Ace Ecclestone James Stunt's former wife Petra Ecclestone's aunt in law was Marion Tingey