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Edward Fryer
Partners of 
Edward Fryer

Eric Clapton's real father
Edward Fryer

Edward Walter Fryer




Sunday 21 Mar 1920


15 May 1985

Edward Fryer
Bio Details

Full name

Edward Walter Fryer





Date of birth

Sunday 21 Mar 1920

Birth place

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date of death:

15 May 1985

Place of death

Veteran's hospital, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cause of death




Partners of 
Edward Fryer

Goldie Nickason


relationship began after 1971

Yvonne Colson


1 child together

married 1965
divorce 1971

Patricia MacDonald

Brief Liaison

1 child together

brief liaison from 1944
until before Mar 1945

Cecelia Fryer


2 children together

Edward Fryer Children

Eric Clapton

born 1945, age 73
with Patricia MacDonald

British Singer Songwriter

Sandra Fryer-Rich

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with Cecelia Fryer

Eddie Fryer-Rich

born 1959, age 59
with Cecelia Fryer

Eric Clapton's half-brother

Eva Jane Kilbourn

born 1968, age 50 (approx.)
with Yvonne Colson

Eric Clapton's half sister.

Edward Fryer Partner(s) Other Children


Edward Fryer Family

Edward Fryer's children:

Edward Fryer's son is Eric Clapton Edward Fryer's daughter is Sandra Fryer-Rich Edward Fryer's son is Eddie Fryer-Rich Edward Fryer's daughter is Eva Jane Kilbourn

Edward Fryer's current partners:

Edward Fryer had a relationship with Goldie Nickason Edward Fryer's wife was Cecelia Fryer

Edward Fryer's former partners:

Edward Fryer had a brief liaison with Patricia MacDonald Edward Fryer's former wife is Yvonne Colson

Edward Fryer's grandchildren:

Edward Fryer's granddaughter is Ruth Bartlett Edward Fryer's grandson was Conor Clapton Edward Fryer's granddaughter is Julie Clapton Edward Fryer's granddaughter is Ella Clapton Edward Fryer's granddaughter is Sophie Clapton

Edward Fryer's in laws:

Edward Fryer's daughter in law is Melia McEnery

Edward Fryer's former in laws:

Edward Fryer's former daughter in law is Pattie Boyd Edward Fryer's former daughter in law is Conchita Fryer