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Partner of 
Vivian Rosberg
Vivian Rosberg

Partners of 
Vivian Rosberg

Nico Rosberg


2 children together

10 Jul 2014

Vivian Rosberg
Bio Details

Full name

Vivian Rosberg

Maiden name

Vivian Sibold





Date of birth

Wednesday 15 May 1985

Birth place

Hamburg, Germany


Interior Designer

Ice Cream Parlour Owner


Istituto Europeo Di Design, Milan, Italy

Grew up in Monaco.
Vivian Rosberg

Vivian Rosberg




Wednesday 15 May 1985

Vivian Rosberg Partner(s) Other Children

Vivian Rosberg Children

Alaia Rosberg

born 2015, age 2
with Nico Rosberg

Daughter of Nico Rosberg

Naila Rosberg

born 2017, age 9 months
with Nico Rosberg


Vivian Rosberg Family

Vivian Rosberg's parents:

Vivian Rosberg's father is Bernd Wegener Vivian Rosberg's mother is Christina Sibold

Vivian Rosberg's children:

Vivian Rosberg's daughter is Alaia Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's daughter is Naila Rosberg

Vivian Rosberg's current partners:

Vivian Rosberg's husband is Nico Rosberg

Vivian Rosberg's in laws:

Vivian Rosberg's father in law is Keke Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's mother in law is Sina Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's grandfather in law was Lars Erik Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's grandmother in law is Lea Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's husband Nico Rosberg's aunt in law is Seija Rosberg Vivian Rosberg's husband Nico Rosberg's aunt in law is Jatta Rosberg