Married Relationship facts

Relationship began 2006

Married Feb 2009

Influential Hollywood Film Director
David Lynch

David Keith Lynch




Sunday 20 Jan 1946

Other Partners

Mary Sweeney


married 10 May 2006
divorce 12 Feb 2007

Isabella Rossellini


relationship began 1986
until 1991

Mary Fisk


1 child together

married 21 Jun 1977
divorce 1987

Peggy Reavey


1 child together

married 1967
divorce 1974

Professional Partners

David Lynch Siblings

John Lynch


Margaret Lynch


Other Partners

Professional Partners


Emily Stofle

Emily Stofle

His Other Children

Jennifer Chambers Lynch

born 1968, age 50
with Peggy Reavey

Film Director and daughter of David Lynch

Austin Lynch

born 1982, age 35
with Mary Fisk

Riley Sweeney Lynch

born 1992, age 26 (approx.)
with Mary Sweeney

Children Together

Lula Boginia Lynch

born 2012, age 5

Her Other Children

David Lynch
Bio Details


David Lynch Family

David Lynch's parents:

David Lynch's father is Donald Lynch David Lynch's mother was Sunny Lynch

David Lynch's children:

David Lynch's son is Austin Lynch David Lynch's daughter is Jennifer Chambers Lynch David Lynch's son is Riley Sweeney Lynch David Lynch's daughter is Lula Boginia Lynch

David Lynch's current partners:

David Lynch's wife is Emily Stofle

David Lynch's former partners:

David Lynch had a relationship with Isabella Rossellini David Lynch's former wife is Peggy Reavey David Lynch's former wife is Mary Sweeney David Lynch's former wife is Mary Fisk

David Lynch's siblings:

David Lynch's brother is John Lynch David Lynch's sister is Margaret Lynch

David Lynch's former in laws:

David Lynch's former brother in law is Jack Fisk

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Other people in this association:

Sir Mick Jagger

David Bowie

Simon Cowell


Emily Stofle
Bio Details

Full name

Emily Stofle






Emily Stofle Family

Emily Stofle's children:

Emily Stofle's step-son is Austin Lynch Emily Stofle's step-daughter is Jennifer Chambers Lynch Emily Stofle's daughter is Lula Boginia Lynch Emily Stofle's step-son is Riley Sweeney Lynch

Emily Stofle's current partners:

Emily Stofle's husband is David Lynch

Emily Stofle's in laws:

Emily Stofle's father in law is Donald Lynch Emily Stofle's mother in law was Sunny Lynch Emily Stofle's brother in law is John Lynch Emily Stofle's sister in law is Margaret Lynch