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Partners of 
Brenda Lockhart
Brenda Lockhart

Partners of 
Brenda Lockhart

Raymond Lockhart


Feb 1997

Anthony Hamilton


1 child together

married 5 May 1979
divorce about 1987

Paul Shickle


2 children together

until before 1979

Brenda Lockhart
Bio Details

Full name

Carmen Lockhart

Maiden name

Carmen Larbalestier




66 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Birmingham, UK

Real name is Carmen, but known by her friends as Brenda.
Mother of Lewis Hamilton
Brenda Lockhart

Carmen Lockhart


66 (approx.)



Brenda Lockhart Partner(s) Other Children

Brenda Lockhart Children

Sam Shickle

born 1974, age 47 (approx.)
with Paul Shickle

Nicola Hewitt

born 1975, age 46 (approx.)
with Paul Shickle

Sir Lewis Hamilton MBE

born 1985, age 35
with Anthony Hamilton

Seven times F1 Motor Racing World Champion


Brenda Lockhart Family

Brenda Lockhart's parents:

Brenda Lockhart's father is Morris Larbalestier Brenda Lockhart's mother is Eileen Larbalestier

Brenda Lockhart's children:

Brenda Lockhart's son is Sir Lewis Hamilton MBE Brenda Lockhart's daughter is Sam Shickle Brenda Lockhart's daughter is Nicola Hewitt

Brenda Lockhart's current partners:

Brenda Lockhart's husband is Raymond Lockhart

Brenda Lockhart's former partners:

Brenda Lockhart's former husband is Anthony Hamilton Brenda Lockhart had a relationship with Paul Shickle

Brenda Lockhart's former in laws:

Brenda Lockhart's former father in law was Davidson Hamilton Brenda Lockhart's former mother in law was Agnes Davidson Brenda Lockhart's former step-mother in law is Uelisia Hamilton Brenda Lockhart's former step-grandmother in law was Victoria Veronica Samuel Brenda Lockhart's former sister in law was Diane Hamilton Brenda Lockhart's former sister in law is Vanessa Hamilton