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Mary Fisk
Mary Fisk

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Mary Fisk

Mary Fisk
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Fisk

Maiden name

Mary Harriman




Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Virginia, United States

Mary Fisk Siblings

Kathleen Mortimer


Harry Payne Whitney


step parent: Marie Harriman

Winston Churchill


step parent: Pamela Harriman

Mary Fisk

Mary Fisk


Mary Fisk Family

Mary Fisk's parents:

Mary Fisk's father was W Averell Harriman Mary Fisk's mother is Kitty Harriman Mary Fisk's step-mother was Pamela Harriman Mary Fisk's step-mother was Marie Harriman

Mary Fisk's siblings:

Mary Fisk's sister was Kathleen Mortimer Mary Fisk's step-brother was Harry Payne Whitney Mary Fisk's step-brother was Winston Churchill

Mary Fisk's nieces and nephews:

Mary Fisk's nephew is David Mortimer Mary Fisk's nephew is Jay Mortimer Mary Fisk's nephew is Averell Mortimer

Mary Fisk's grandparents:

Mary Fisk's grandfather is E H Harriman Mary Fisk's grandmother was Mary Harriman

Mary Fisk's step-grandparents:

Mary Fisk's step-grandfather was Edward Digby Mary Fisk's step-grandmother was Pamela Digby

Mary Fisk's uncles and aunts:

Mary Fisk's uncle was E Roland Harriman Mary Fisk's aunt was Mary Rumsey Mary Fisk's uncle-by-marriage was Charles Rumsey