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Kenney Jones
Partners of 
Kenney Jones

Kenney Jones
Bio Details

Full name

Kenneth Thomas Jones





Date of birth

Thursday 16 Sep 1948

Birth place

London Hospital, Whitechapel, East London, UK




Stepney Green Secondary School, London, United Kingdom

Rock 'n' Roll polo.....?

Back in the 80's, Kenney formed  "the world's first rock 'n' roll polo team" consisting of himself, Mike Rutherford from Genesis, Stewart Copeland of The Police and Ginger Baker, drummer from Cream. He is now the owner of Hurtwood Park Polo Club, in Surrey.

Lasting love

Although Kenney and Jayne didn't get married until 2001, they had been together for the previous 20 years, and have four children.

Brit Awards

1988 - Outstanding Contribution

Partners of 
Kenney Jones

Jayne Jones


4 children together

Aug 2001

Jan Jones


2 children together

married 21 Dec 1966
divorce 1982

Kenney Jones Children

Dylan Jones

born 1972, age 45 (approx.)
with Jan Jones

Jesse Jones

born 1977, age 40 (approx.)
with Jan Jones

Casey Jones

born 1987, age 30 (approx.)
with Jayne Jones

Jay Jones

born 1989, age 28 (approx.)
with Jayne Jones

Cody Jones

born 1994, age 23 (approx.)
with Jayne Jones

Erin Jones

born 1997, age 20 (approx.)
with Jayne Jones

Kenney Jones Partner(s) Other Children


Kenney Jones Family

Kenney Jones's parents:

Kenney Jones's father is Sam Jones Kenney Jones's mother is Violet Jones

Kenney Jones's children:

Kenney Jones's son is Dylan Jones Kenney Jones's son is Jesse Jones Kenney Jones's daughter is Casey Jones Kenney Jones's son is Jay Jones Kenney Jones's son is Cody Jones Kenney Jones's daughter is Erin Jones

Kenney Jones's current partners:

Kenney Jones's wife is Jayne Jones

Kenney Jones's former partners:

Kenney Jones's former wife is Jan Jones

Kenney Jones's former in laws:

Kenney Jones's former father in law was Tony Osborne Kenney Jones's former mother in law is Joan Osborne Kenney Jones's former brother in law is Gary Osborne

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