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Partners of 
Kim McLagan
Kim McLagan

Partners of 
Kim McLagan

Ian McLagan


1978 - 2006

Keith Moon


1 child together

married 17 Mar 1966
divorce Apr 1975

Sir Rod Stewart CBE


relationship began about 1965
until about 1965

Kim McLagan Bio Details

Full name

Maryse Elizabeth Patricia McLagan

Maiden name

Maryse Elizabeth Patricia Kerrigan





Date of birth

30 Dec 1948

Birth place

Leicester, United kingdom

Date of death:

2 Aug 2006

Place of death

Travis County, Texas, USA

Cause of death

Car accident



Beauty Salon Owner

Sixties model who married two rock stars.
Kim McLagan

Maryse Elizabeth Patricia McLagan




30 Dec 1948


2 Aug 2006

Kim McLagan Partner(s) Other Children

Kim McLagan Children

Mandy Moon De Wolf

born 1966, age 50
with Keith Moon

Kim McLagan Family

Kim McLagan's parents:

Kim McLagan's father was Bill Kerrigan Kim McLagan's mother was Joan Kerrigan

Kim McLagan's children:

Kim McLagan's daughter is Mandy Moon De Wolf

Kim McLagan's former partners:

Kim McLagan's former husband was Keith Moon Kim McLagan had a relationship with Sir Rod Stewart CBE Kim McLagan's former husband was Ian McLagan

Kim McLagan's grandchildren:

Kim McLagan's granddaughter is Jessica Moon De Wolf Kim McLagan's granddaughter is Samantha Moon De Wolf

Kim McLagan's former in laws:

Kim McLagan's former father in law was Nobby Moon Kim McLagan's former mother in law is Kathleen Moon Kim McLagan's former sister in law is Linda Moon Kim McLagan's former sister in law is Lesley Moon