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Partners of 
Allison Owen
Allison Owen

Partners of 
Allison Owen

Harry Enfield


relationship began 1992
until Jul 1995

Keith Allen


2 children together

married Jul 1984
divorce 1989



1 child together

Allison Owen
Bio Details

Full name

Allison Mary Owen




56 (approx.)

Date of birth

Sunday 01 Jan 1961

Birth place

Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK


Film Producer


University College London, England, United Kingdom

Mother of Lily Allen
Allison Owen

Allison Mary Owen


56 (approx.)


Sunday 01 Jan 1961

Allison Owen Partner(s) Other Children

Allison Owen Children

Sarah Owen

born 1979, age 38 (approx.)
with Unknown

Lily Allen

born 1985, age 32
with Keith Allen

Pop Singer Keith Allen's Daughter

Alfie Allen

born 1986, age 30
with Keith Allen

Game of Thrones Actor Lily Allen's Sister


Allison Owen Family

Allison Owen's parents:

Allison Owen's father is Peter Owen Allison Owen's mother is Mary Owen

Allison Owen's children:

Allison Owen's daughter is Lily Allen Allison Owen's son is Alfie Allen Allison Owen's daughter is Sarah Owen

Allison Owen's former partners:

Allison Owen had a relationship with Harry Enfield Allison Owen's former husband is Keith Allen

Allison Owen's grandchildren:

Allison Owen's granddaughter is Ethel Cooper Allison Owen's granddaughter is Marnie Cooper

Allison Owen's in laws:

Allison Owen's son in law is Sam Cooper

Allison Owen's former in laws:

Allison Owen's former father in law is Eddie Allen Allison Owen's former mother in law was Emma Allen Allison Owen's former grandfather in law is Howell John