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Keith Allen
Partners of 
Keith Allen

British Actor and Comedian
Keith Allen

Keith Howell Charles Allen




Tuesday 02 Jun 1953

Keith Allen
Bio Details

Full name

Keith Howell Charles Allen





Date of birth

Tuesday 02 Jun 1953

Birth place

Gorseinon, Wales, UK



TV Presenter

Actor (1976 (aft.))

Some sources make reference of a daughter called Sarah who he fathered when very young. However, he does have a stepdaughter  called Sarah (with Allison Owen) and this may have caused confusion. Equally, there may be two Sarahs.

Partners of 
Keith Allen

Tamzin Malleson


1 child together

relationship began before 2005

Nira Park


married about Dec 1997
divorce about May 2001

Anjel Talbott


1 child together

relationship began about 1989
until about 1991

Allison Owen


2 children together

married Jul 1984
divorce 1989

Lindi Peters


1 child together

relationship began about 1983
until about 1983

Sandra Marshall


1 child together

relationship began about 1982
until about 1982

Julia Sawalha


Keith Allen Children

Kevin Marshall

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
with Sandra Marshall

Grace Peters

born 1983, age 35 (approx.)
with Lindi Peters

Lily Allen

born 1985, age 32
with Allison Owen

Pop Singer Keith Allen's Daughter

Alfie Allen

born 1986, age 31
with Allison Owen

Game of Thrones Actor Lily Allen's Sister

Galoushka Allen-Talbott

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Anjel Talbott

Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen

born 2006, age 11 (approx.)
with Tamzin Malleson

Child actress sister of Lily Allen

Keith Allen Partner(s) Other Children


Keith Allen Family

Keith Allen's parents:

Keith Allen's father is Eddie Allen Keith Allen's mother was Emma Allen

Keith Allen's children:

Keith Allen's daughter is Lily Allen Keith Allen's son is Alfie Allen Keith Allen's daughter is Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen Keith Allen's son is Kevin Marshall Keith Allen's daughter is Grace Peters Keith Allen's daughter is Galoushka Allen-Talbott

Keith Allen's current partners:

Keith Allen has a relationship with Tamzin Malleson

Keith Allen's former partners:

Keith Allen had an affair with Julia Sawalha Keith Allen's former wife is Nira Park Keith Allen had a relationship with Anjel Talbott Keith Allen's former wife is Allison Owen Keith Allen had a relationship with Lindi Peters Keith Allen had a relationship with Sandra Marshall

Keith Allen's grandparents:

Keith Allen's grandfather is Howell John

Keith Allen's grandchildren:

Keith Allen's granddaughter is Ethel Cooper Keith Allen's granddaughter is Marnie Cooper

Keith Allen's in laws:

Keith Allen's son in law is Sam Cooper

Keith Allen's former in laws:

Keith Allen's former father in law is Peter Owen Keith Allen's former mother in law is Mary Owen

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