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John Cleese
Partners of 
John Cleese

Member of The Monty Python Team
John Cleese

John Marwood Cleese




27 Oct 1939

John Cleese Bio Details

Full name

John Marwood Cleese





Date of birth

27 Oct 1939

Birth place

Weston-Super-Mere, Somerset, UK





Cambridge University: Downing College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1963)

Clifton College, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom

St. Peter's Prep School, Weston-Super-Mere, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Voice of King Harold in Shrek. The King makes reference to his old war wound to get out of tricky situations as did his Fawlty Towers character Basil Fawtly.


1980 - Light Entertainment Performance - Fawlty Towers
1989 - Best Actor - A Fish Called Wanda

Partners of 
John Cleese

Jennifer Wade


2 Aug 2012

Veronica Smiley


dated from about 2008
until about 2008

Alice Faye Eichelberger


married Dec 1992
divorce 2009

Barbara Trentham


1 child together

married 15 Feb 1981
divorce 1990

Connie Booth


1 child together

married 20 Feb 1968
divorce 1978

John Cleese Children

John Cleese Partner(s) Other Children

Cynthia Cleese

born 1971, age 45
with Connie Booth

Camilla Cleese

born 1984, age 32
with Barbara Trentham

John Cleese Family

John Cleese's parents:

John Cleese's father is Reginald Cleese John Cleese's mother was Muriel Cleese

John Cleese's children:

John Cleese's daughter is Cynthia Cleese John Cleese's daughter is Camilla Cleese

John Cleese's current partners:

John Cleese's wife is Jennifer Wade

John Cleese's former partners:

John Cleese's former wife is Alice Faye Eichelberger John Cleese's former wife was Barbara Trentham John Cleese dated Veronica Smiley John Cleese's former wife is Connie Booth

John Cleese's grandparents:

John Cleese's grandfather was Marwood Cross John Cleese's grandmother was Bessie Cross John Cleese's grandfather was John Cheese John Cleese's grandmother was Edith Cheese

John Cleese's grandchildren:

John Cleese's grandson is Evan Solomon John Cleese's granddaughter is Olivia Solomon

John Cleese's in laws:

John Cleese's son in law is Ed Solomon John Cleese's father in law is Pat Wade John Cleese's mother in law is Georgie Wade John Cleese's brother in law is Jonathan Wade

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