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Charles Dance OBE
Partners of 
Charles Dance OBE

British Actor
Charles Dance OBE

Walter Charles Dance




10 Oct 1946

Charles Dance OBE Bio Details

Full name

Walter Charles Dance





Date of birth

10 Oct 1946

Birth place

Worcestershire, England, UK


Actor (1970)

Game of Thrones

Charles Dances character in GOT is Tywin Lannister

Partners of 
Charles Dance OBE

Eleanor Boorman

Broken Engagement

1 child together

engaged from 2008
until Oct 2012

Sophia Myles


relationship began 2004
until 2005

Joanna Haythorn


2 children together

married 1970
divorce 2004

Charles Dance OBE Children

Charles Dance OBE Partner(s) Other Children

Oliver Dance

born 1974, age 43 (approx.)
with Joanna Haythorn

Rebecca Dance

born 1983, age 34 (approx.)
with Joanna Haythorn

Rose Dance

born 2012, age 5 (approx.)
with Eleanor Boorman

Charles Dance OBE Family

Charles Dance OBE's parents:

Charles Dance OBE's father is Walter Dance Charles Dance OBE's mother is Eleanor Dance

Charles Dance OBE's children:

Charles Dance OBE's son is Oliver Dance Charles Dance OBE's daughter is Rebecca Dance Charles Dance OBE's daughter is Rose Dance

Charles Dance OBE's former partners:

Charles Dance OBE had a relationship with Sophia Myles Charles Dance OBE is the former fiance of Eleanor Boorman Charles Dance OBE's former wife is Joanna Haythorn

Charles Dance OBE FameChain Links

Game of Thrones


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