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Partner of 
Jane Matthews
Jane Matthews

Partners of 
Jane Matthews

David Matthews


3 children together


Jane Matthews
Bio Details

Full name

Jane Matthews

Maiden name

Jane Parker




70 (approx.)

Date of birth

Wednesday 01 Jan 1947



Hotelier (1995)


Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

Jane Matthews Siblings

Pamela Parker


Paul Parker


Jane Matthews

Jane Matthews


70 (approx.)


Wednesday 01 Jan 1947

Jane Matthews Partner(s) Other Children

Jane Matthews Children

James Matthews

born 1975, age 41
with David Matthews

Engaged to Pippa Middleton Brother to Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea

Michael Matthews

born 1977, died 1999, age 22
with David Matthews

Spencer Matthews

born 1989, age 27
with David Matthews

Made in Chelsea cast member and Hotel Heir

Nina Mackie

born 1969, age 48 (approx.)
step-child with David Matthews


Jane Matthews Family

Jane Matthews's parents:

Jane Matthews's father was Robert Parker Jane Matthews's mother is Doras Parker Jane Matthews's step-father is Cy

Jane Matthews's children:

Jane Matthews's son is James Matthews Jane Matthews's son was Michael Matthews Jane Matthews's son is Spencer Matthews Jane Matthews's step-daughter is Nina Mackie

Jane Matthews's current partners:

Jane Matthews's husband is David Matthews

Jane Matthews's siblings:

Jane Matthews's sister is Pamela Parker Jane Matthews's brother is Paul Parker

Jane Matthews's in laws:

Jane Matthews's daughter in law is Pippa Matthews Jane Matthews's father in law was Wallace Matthews Jane Matthews's mother in law is Eunice Matthews Jane Matthews's brother in law is Bob Matthews Jane Matthews's sister in law-by-marriage is Lu Matthews Jane Matthews's husband David Matthews's uncle in law is Richard Matthews