Relationship History

Luigi Berlusconi


3 children together

Ended 1989

Rosa Berlusconi Bio Details

Full name

Rosa Berlusconi




97 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:


Holocaust Hero

Rosa Berlusconi was honoured by Benjamin Netanyahu for her actions during the war. She had stood in front of a german policeman who was trying to arrest a jewish girl on a Milan train.  Rosa was 8 months pregnant at the time and told the policeman "You can kill me, but look at the faces of the people on the train, I promise you they won't let you get out alive".  The girl was saved.

Rosa Berlusconi Children

Silvio Berlusconi


Silvio Berlusconi

with Luigi Berlusconi

Prime Minister of Italy

Maria Berlusconi


Maria Berlusconi

with Luigi Berlusconi

Paolo Berlusconi


Paolo Berlusconi

with Luigi Berlusconi

Rosa Berlusconi Family

Rosa Berlusconi's children:

Rosa Berlusconi's son is Silvio Berlusconi Rosa Berlusconi's daughter was Maria Berlusconi Rosa Berlusconi's son is Paolo Berlusconi

Rosa Berlusconi's former partners:

Rosa Berlusconi's former husband was Luigi Berlusconi

Rosa Berlusconi's grandchildren:

Rosa Berlusconi's granddaughter is Marina Berlusconi Rosa Berlusconi's grandson is Pier Silvio Berlusconi Rosa Berlusconi's granddaughter is Barbara Berlusconi

Rosa Berlusconi's former in laws:

Rosa Berlusconi's former daughter in law is Carla Dall'Oglio