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Partner of 
Pat Lampard
Pat Lampard

Partners of 
Pat Lampard

Frank Lampard Sr


3 children together

Pat Lampard
Bio Details

Full name

Patricia Ann Lampard

Maiden name

Patricia Ann Harris




59 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Essex, UK

Date of death:

24 Apr 2008

Cause of death





Pat Lampards twin sister, Sandra is Harry Redknapps wife and Jamie Redknapps Mother

Pat Lampard Siblings

Brian Harris


Sandra Redknapp


Pat Lampard

Patricia Ann Lampard


59 (approx.)




24 Apr 2008

Pat Lampard Partner(s) Other Children

Pat Lampard Children

Natalie Lampard

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Frank Lampard Sr

Claire Lampard

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Frank Lampard Sr

Frank Lampard

born 1978, age 39
with Frank Lampard Sr

English Professional Footballer

Sophie Butler

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
step-child with Frank Lampard Sr

John Butler

born 1985, age 33 (approx.)
step-child with Frank Lampard Sr


Pat Lampard Family

Pat Lampard's parents:

Pat Lampard's father was Bill Harris

Pat Lampard's children:

Pat Lampard's son is Frank Lampard Pat Lampard's daughter is Natalie Lampard Pat Lampard's daughter is Claire Lampard Pat Lampard's step-daughter is Sophie Butler Pat Lampard's step-son is John Butler

Pat Lampard's current partners:

Pat Lampard's husband was Frank Lampard Sr

Pat Lampard's siblings:

Pat Lampard's brother is Brian Harris Pat Lampard's sister is Sandra Redknapp

Pat Lampard's nieces and nephews:

Pat Lampard's nephew is Jamie Redknapp Pat Lampard's nephew is Mark Redknapp

Pat Lampard's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Pat Lampard's great nephew is Harry Redknapp Pat Lampard's great nephew is Charley Redknapp Pat Lampard's great nephew is Beau Redknapp

Pat Lampard's grandchildren:

Pat Lampard's granddaughter is Luna Lampard Pat Lampard's granddaughter is Isla Lampard

Pat Lampard's in laws:

Pat Lampard's daughter in law is Christine Bleakley Pat Lampard's father in law is Frank Lampard Pat Lampard's mother in law is Hilda Lampard Pat Lampard's grandfather in law is Arthur Lampard Pat Lampard's sister in law is Gwendoline Lamb Pat Lampard's brother in law-by-marriage is Paul Lamb