James Milner Bio Details

Full name

James Philip Milner





Date of birth

4 Jan 1986

Birth place

Leeds, England, UK




Westbrook Lane Primary School, Leeds, England, United Kingdom (1990 (ca.) - 1997 (ca.))

Horsforth School, Leeds, England, United Kingdom (1997 - 2002)

Leeds United FC, 2002 - 2004

James Milner's footballing career started with Leeds United when he was 16 years old.  He left the club in 2004 to play for Newcastle United.

Newcastle United 2004 - 2008

While under contract to Newcastle, Milner went out on loan to Aston Villa in 2005/06
Signed for Aston Villa in August 2008 for a fee of £12 million where he played as a midfielder
Has played as a midfielder for Manchester City Midfielder since August 2010

Made his debut for the England National team in 2009

Milner's first appearances for England were in friendly matches before being named as part of the 2010 world cup squad.  He also made the Euro 2012 team.

James Milner

English Footballer
James Milner

Relationship History

Amy Fletcher


engaged before 2002

James Milner Family

James Milner's parents:

James Milner's father is Peter Milner James Milner's mother is Lesley Milner

James Milner's current partners:

James Milner is the fiance of Amy Fletcher

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