Ben Miller

British Comedian and Actor
Ben Miller

Relationship History

Jessica Parker


1 child together

Sep 2013

Belinda Stewart-Wilson


1 child together

marriage 2004
divorce 2011

Rachel Weisz


dated from 1991
until 1993

Professional Partners

Alexander Armstrong

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 1994

Ben Miller Children

Sonny Miller


Sonny Miller

with Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Harrison Miller


Harrison Miller

with Jessica Parker

Ben Miller Siblings

Bronwen Miller


Leah Miller


Ben Miller Family

Ben Miller's parents:

Ben Miller's father is Michael Miller Ben Miller's mother is Marion Miller

Ben Miller's children:

Ben Miller's son is Sonny Miller Ben Miller's son is Harrison Miller

Ben Miller's current partners:

Ben Miller's husband is Jessica Parker

Ben Miller's former partners:

Ben Miller dated Rachel Weisz Ben Miller's former wife is Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Ben Miller's siblings:

Ben Miller's sister is Bronwen Miller Ben Miller's sister is Leah Miller

Ben Miller FameChain Links

The Footlights, Cambridge University Dramatic Club

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