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Iris Magee
Iris Magee

Partners of 
Iris Magee

Donald Magee


12 Jul 1941

Iris Magee Bio Details

Full name

Iris Mabel Croy Magee

Maiden name

Iris Hutchence




88 (approx.)

Date of birth

Jun 1920

Birth place

Birkenhead, UK

Date of death:

Oct 2008

Place of death

Sydney, Australia

Cause of death

Extended Illness

Iris Magee Siblings

Kell Hutchence


Iris Magee

Iris Mabel Croy Magee


88 (approx.)


Jun 1920


Oct 2008

Iris Magee Family

Iris Magee's parents:

Iris Magee's father was Frank Hutchence Iris Magee's mother was Mabel Hutchence

Iris Magee's former partners:

Iris Magee's former husband is Donald Magee

Iris Magee's siblings:

Iris Magee's brother was Kell Hutchence

Iris Magee's nieces and nephews:

Iris Magee's nephew was Michael Hutchence Iris Magee's nephew is Rhett Hutchence

Iris Magee's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Iris Magee's great niece is Tiger Lily Hutchence-Geldof Iris Magee's great niece is Zoe Hutchence