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Weetman Pearson
Partners of 
Weetman Pearson

Weetman Pearson

Weetman John Churchill Pearson




27 Feb 1910


19 Jan 1995

Weetman Pearson Bio Details

Full name

Weetman John Churchill Pearson

Also known as

Viscount Cowdray, 3rd





Date of birth

27 Feb 1910

Date of death:

19 Jan 1995




Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Oxford University : Christ Church College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Weetman fought in the Second World War, where he was severely wounded in the retreat of Dunkirk and had his left arm amputated.

Partners of 
Weetman Pearson

Elisabeth Pearson


3 children together

4 Mar 1953

Anne Pearson


3 children together

married 19 Jul 1939
divorce 1950

Weetman Pearson Children

Weetman Pearson Partner(s) Other Children

Mary Pearson

born 1940, age 76
with Anne Pearson

Liza Pearson

born 1942, age 74
with Anne Pearson

Michael Pearson

born 1944, age 72
with Anne Pearson

Lucy Pearson

born 1954, age 62
with Elisabeth Pearson

Charles Pearson

born 1956, age 60
with Elisabeth Pearson

Rosanna Pearson

born 1959, age 57
with Elisabeth Pearson

Weetman Pearson Family

Weetman Pearson's children:

Weetman Pearson's daughter is Mary Pearson Weetman Pearson's daughter is Liza Pearson Weetman Pearson's son is Michael Pearson Weetman Pearson's daughter is Lucy Pearson Weetman Pearson's daughter is Charles Pearson Weetman Pearson's daughter is Rosanna Pearson

Weetman Pearson's current partners:

Weetman Pearson's wife was Elisabeth Pearson

Weetman Pearson's former partners:

Weetman Pearson's former wife was Anne Pearson

Weetman Pearson's grandchildren:

Weetman Pearson's granddaughter is Eliza Pearson Weetman Pearson's granddaughter is Emily Pearson Weetman Pearson's granddaughter is Catrina Pearson Weetman Pearson's grandson is Peregrine Pearson Weetman Pearson's grandson is Montague Pearson

Weetman Pearson's in laws:

Weetman Pearson's daughter in law is Marina Pearson

Weetman Pearson's former in laws:

Weetman Pearson's former daughter in law is Ellen Pearson