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Barry Clifford
Partner of 
Barry Clifford

Barry Clifford Bio Details

Full name

Barry Clifford





Date of birth

30 May 1945

Birth place

Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA




Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado, United States (Finished 1969)

Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States

Underwater explorer and investigator.

Clifford has been leading a team of explorers since 2003 searching for the wreckage of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus.  Newspaper reports in May 2014 say Clifford has evidence that strongly suggests he has found the wreck.


Barry Clifford is best known for the excavation of the pirate shipwreck, the Whydah in 1984.

Partners of 
Barry Clifford



3 children together

Barry Clifford Children

Barry Clifford Partner(s) Other Children

Brandon Clifford

with Unknown

Barry Clifford Jr.

with Unknown

Jenny Clifford

with Unknown

Barry Clifford Family

Barry Clifford's parents:

Barry Clifford's father is Robert Clifford Barry Clifford's mother is Shirley Clifford

Barry Clifford's children:

Barry Clifford's son is Brandon Clifford Barry Clifford's son is Barry Clifford Jr. Barry Clifford's daughter is Jenny Clifford

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