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Angus Hawley
Partners of 
Angus Hawley

Angus Hawley

Angus Hawley


46 (approx.)




25 Apr 2015

Angus Hawley Bio Details

Full name

Angus Hawley




46 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place


Date of death:

25 Apr 2015

Place of death

New York City, New York, USA

Cause of death

Heart Attack. Collapsed after going for a swim at his hotel.


Business Consultant

Business development manager at Valor Private Wealth

Partners of 
Angus Hawley

Prue Fisher


12 Mar 2011

Antonia Kidman


4 children together

married 9 Feb 1996
divorce Apr 2007

Angus Hawley Children

Angus Hawley Partner(s) Other Children

Lucia Hawley

born 1998, age 19 (approx.)
with Antonia Kidman

Hamish Hawley

born 2001, age 16 (approx.)
with Antonia Kidman

James Hawley

born 2003, age 14 (approx.)
with Antonia Kidman

Sybella Hawley

born 2007, age 10 (approx.)
with Antonia Kidman

Angus Hawley Family

Angus Hawley's children:

Angus Hawley's daughter is Lucia Hawley Angus Hawley's son is Hamish Hawley Angus Hawley's son is James Hawley Angus Hawley's daughter is Sybella Hawley

Angus Hawley's current partners:

Angus Hawley's wife was Prue Fisher

Angus Hawley's former partners:

Angus Hawley's former wife is Antonia Kidman

Angus Hawley's former in laws:

Angus Hawley's former sister in law is Nicole Kidman Angus Hawley's former father in law was Anthony Kidman Angus Hawley's former mother in law is Janelle Kidman Angus Hawley's former grandfather in law is Arthur Kidman Angus Hawley's former grandmother in law is Margaret Kidman Angus Hawley's former grandmother in law was Joy Glenny