Peter Andre Bio Details

Full name

Peter James Andrea

Also known as

Peter Mirigliani





Date of birth

27 Feb 1973

Birth place

Harrow, London, England, UK


TV Presenter

Singer & Recording Artist (1990)

Reality TV Personality (2004)


Benowa State High School, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Peter entered the Australian New Faces TV talent competition. One of the judges, Molly Meldrum offered him a recording contract on the show.
Peter and Emily are expecting their 2nd child together in 2016

Peter Andre

Reality TV Star and Singer
Peter Andre

Relationship History

Dr Emily Macdonagh


11 Jul 2015

Elen Rivas


relationship began Nov 2010
until Apr 2011

Katie Price


2 children together

marriage 10 Sep 2005
divorce Oct 2009

Becky Vardy

Brief Fling

brief fling from Nov 2001
until circa Nov 2001

Mel B


dated from 1996
until 1996

Mel Blatt


dated from before 1995
until before 1995

Kathy Maddock

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1992
until 1996

Miranda Madurasinghe

Close Friendship

close friendship from 1979
until 1979

Laura Vasquez

Close Friendship

Casey Batchelor

Allegedly Dated

Professional Partners

Janette Manrara

Strictly Come Dancing Partner

danced together from 5 Sep 2015
until 29 Nov 2015

Peter Andre Children

Junior Andre


Junior Andre

with Katie Price

Princess Andre


Princess Andre

with Katie Price

Amelia Andre


Amelia Andre

with Dr Emily Macdonagh

Peter Andre Siblings

Michael Mirigliani


Danny Mirigliani


Andrew Mirigliani


Chris Mirigliani


Debbie Mirigliani


Peter Andre Family

Peter Andre's parents:

Peter Andre's father is Sawas Mirigliani Peter Andre's mother is Thea Mirigliani

Peter Andre's children:

Peter Andre's son is Junior Andre Peter Andre's daughter is Princess Andre Peter Andre's daughter is Amelia Andre

Peter Andre's current partners:

Peter Andre's wife is Dr Emily Macdonagh Peter Andre has a close friendship with Laura Vasquez

Peter Andre's former partners:

Peter Andre dated Mel B Peter Andre's former wife is Katie Price Peter Andre dated Mel Blatt Peter Andre had a relationship with Elen Rivas Peter Andre had a brief fling with Becky Vardy Peter Andre allegedly dated Casey Batchelor Peter Andre is the former fiance of Kathy Maddock Peter Andre had a close friendship with Miranda Madurasinghe

Peter Andre's siblings:

Peter Andre's brother is Michael Mirigliani Peter Andre's brother is Danny Mirigliani Peter Andre's brother was Andrew Mirigliani Peter Andre's brother is Chris Mirigliani Peter Andre's sister is Debbie Mirigliani

Peter Andre's in laws:

Peter Andre's father in law is Ru MacDonagh Peter Andre's mother in law is Becks MacDonagh

Peter Andre's former in laws:

Peter Andre's former father in law is Ray Infield Peter Andre's former mother in law is Amy Price Peter Andre's former step-father in law is Paul Price Peter Andre's former step-mother in law is Sheralee Infield Peter Andre's former half-sister in law is Madelaine Infield Peter Andre's former half-sister in law is Eleanor Infield

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