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Partners of 
Barb Tadych
Barb Tadych

Partners of 
Barb Tadych

Peter Dassey


1 child together

divorce before 2003

Scott Tadych


Barb Tadych
Bio Details

Full name

Barbara Tadych

Maiden name

Barbara Avery

Also known as

Barbara Dassey



Barb Tadych Siblings

Earl Avery


Charles Avery


Steven Avery


Steven Avery's Sister
Barb Tadych

Barbara Tadych

Barb Tadych Partner(s) Other Children

Barb Tadych Children

Brendan Dassey

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Peter Dassey

Convicted of murder along with his Uncle, Steven Avery


Barb Tadych Family

Barb Tadych's parents:

Barb Tadych's father is Allan Avery Barb Tadych's mother is Delores Avery

Barb Tadych's children:

Barb Tadych's son is Brendan Dassey

Barb Tadych's current partners:

Barb Tadych's husband is Scott Tadych

Barb Tadych's former partners:

Barb Tadych's former husband is Peter Dassey

Barb Tadych's siblings:

Barb Tadych's brother is Earl Avery Barb Tadych's brother is Charles Avery Barb Tadych's brother is Steven Avery

Barb Tadych's nieces and nephews:

Barb Tadych's nephew is Bill Avery Barb Tadych's nephew is Steven Avery Jr Barb Tadych's niece is Rachel Avery Barb Tadych's niece is Jenny Avery