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Fred Thompson
Partners of 
Fred Thompson

American Actor and US Senator
Fred Thompson

Fred Dalton Thompson

Fred Thompson
Bio Details

Full name

Fred Dalton Thompson






US Senator

Partners of 
Fred Thompson

Jeri Thompson


29 Jun 2002

Lorrie Morgan


dated from circa 1995

Georgette Mosbacher


dated from circa 1995

Sarah Thompson


3 children together

married Oct 1959
divorce 1985

Kellyanne Conway


until before Jan 2000

Fred Thompson Children

Tony Thompson

born 1960, age 57 (approx.)
with Sarah Thompson

Betsy Panici

born 1963, died 2001, age 38 (approx.)
with Sarah Thompson

Daniel Thompson

born 1964, age 54 (approx.)
with Sarah Thompson

Fred Thompson Partner(s) Other Children


Fred Thompson Family

Fred Thompson's parents:

Fred Thompson's father was Fletch Thompson Fred Thompson's mother was Ruth Thompson

Fred Thompson's children:

Fred Thompson's son is Tony Thompson Fred Thompson's daughter was Betsy Panici Fred Thompson's son is Daniel Thompson

Fred Thompson's current partners:

Fred Thompson's wife is Jeri Thompson

Fred Thompson's former partners:

Fred Thompson had a relationship with Kellyanne Conway Fred Thompson dated Lorrie Morgan Fred Thompson dated Georgette Mosbacher Fred Thompson's former husband is Sarah Thompson

Fred Thompson's grandparents:

Fred Thompson's grandfather was Clarence B Bradley Fred Thompson's grandmother was Catherine S Bradley Fred Thompson's grandfather was Edgar L Thompson Fred Thompson's grandmother was Gertrude A Thompson

Fred Thompson's grandchildren:

Fred Thompson's grandson was Tonio Panici

Fred Thompson's uncles and aunts:

Fred Thompson's uncle was Dallas E. Thompson

Fred Thompson's in laws:

Fred Thompson's son in law is Ronald Panici