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Martin B Stein
Martin B Stein

Partners of 
Martin B Stein

Marjorie Guthrie



Martin B Stein
Bio Details

Full name

Martin B Stein



Date of death:

1983 (bef.)

Martin B Stein

Martin B Stein


1983 (bef.)

Martin B Stein Partner(s) Other Children

Martin B Stein Children

Cathy Guthrie

born 1943, died 1947, age 4 (approx.)
step-child with Marjorie Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie

born 1947, age 70
step-child with Marjorie Guthrie

American folk singer-songwriter

Joady Guthrie

born 1948, age 69
step-child with Marjorie Guthrie

Nora Guthrie

born 1950, age 68
step-child with Marjorie Guthrie

President of The Woody Guthrie Foundation


Martin B Stein Family

Martin B Stein's children:

Martin B Stein's step-daughter was Cathy Guthrie Martin B Stein's step-son is Arlo Guthrie Martin B Stein's step-son is Joady Guthrie Martin B Stein's step-daughter is Nora Guthrie

Martin B Stein's current partners:

Martin B Stein's wife was Marjorie Guthrie

Martin B Stein's in laws:

Martin B Stein's father in law is Isadore Greenblatt Martin B Stein's mother in law was Aliza Greenblatt Martin B Stein's grandfather in law is Abraham Aronson Martin B Stein's grandmother in law is Brokhe Bas-Tsion Rozovsky Martin B Stein's sister in law was Gertrude Mazia Martin B Stein's brother in law-by-marriage was Dr Daniel Mazia