Prince Aly Khan Bio Details

Full name

Prince Ali Salman Aga Khan





Date of birth

13 Jun 1911

Birth place

Turin, Italy

Date of death:

12 May 1960

Place of death

Suresnes, near Paris, France

Cause of death

Car crash.

With the Prince in his Lancia car on the night of his fatal accident was his chauffeur (as a passenger) and the Prince's constant companion of the time, model Bettina.

Prince Aly Khan

Socialite, racehorse owner
vice president on the UN General Assembly
Prince Aly Khan

Relationship History

Simone Bodin


relationship began circa 1955

Rita Hayworth

Religious Ceremony

religious ceremony 28 May 1949

Princess Tajuddawlah Khan
Doweger Viscountess Camrose


married 18 May 1936
divorce 7 Apr 1949

Prince Aly Khan Children

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan


Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

with Rita Hayworth

Prince Aly Khan Family

Prince Aly Khan's children:

Prince Aly Khan's daughter is Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

Prince Aly Khan's current partners:

Prince Aly Khan's wife was Rita Hayworth Prince Aly Khan had a relationship with Bettina Simone Bodin

Prince Aly Khan's former partners:

Prince Aly Khan's former wife was Princess Tajuddawlah Khan Doweger Viscountess Camrose

Prince Aly Khan's in laws:

Prince Aly Khan's father in law is Eduardo Cansino Prince Aly Khan's mother in law is Volga Cansino Prince Aly Khan's grandfather in law is Antonio Cansino