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Pinches Karl
Partner of 
Pinches Karl

Founder of Karl's Shoe Stores.
Pinches Karl

Pinches Karl




15 Jul 1882


21 Aug 1953

Pinches Karl Bio Details

Full name

Pinches Karl





Date of birth

15 Jul 1882

Birth place


Date of death:

21 Aug 1953

Place of death

Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Coronary thrombosis

Partners of 
Pinches Karl

Rosa Karl


2 children together

Pinches Karl Children

Pinches Karl Partner(s) Other Children

Sarah Pollack

with Rosa Karl

Harry Karl

born 1914, died 1982, age 68
with Rosa Karl

Pinches Karl Family

Pinches Karl's children:

Pinches Karl's daughter is Sarah Pollack Pinches Karl's son was Harry Karl

Pinches Karl's current partners:

Pinches Karl's wife was Rosa Karl

Pinches Karl's grandchildren:

Pinches Karl's granddaughter was Judie Karl Anderson Pinches Karl's granddaughter is Tina Marie Karl Pinches Karl's adopted granddaughter is Denise Karl Pinches Karl's adopted grandson is Harrison Karl

Pinches Karl's former in laws:

Pinches Karl's former daughter in law was Debbie Reynolds Pinches Karl's former daughter in law was Joan Perry, Joan Cohn Pinches Karl's former daughter in law is Marie McDonald, The Body Beautiful Pinches Karl's former daughter in law is Ruth Lamb