Relationship History

President James Monroe


1 child together

16 Feb 1786

Eliza Monroe

First Lady of the United States of America
4th Mar 1817 - 4th Mar 1825
Eliza Monroe

Eliza Monroe Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Monroe

Maiden name

Elizabeth Kortright





Date of birth

30 Jun 1768

Birth place

New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA

Date of death:

23 Sep 1830

Place of death

Loudoun County, Virginia, USA


First Lady Of The United States (1817)

Eliza Monroe Children

Maria Gouverneur


Maria Gouverneur

with President James Monroe

Eliza Monroe Siblings

Harriet Gouverneur


Eliza Monroe Family

Eliza Monroe's parents:

Eliza Monroe's father was Lawrence Kortright Eliza Monroe's mother was Hanna Kortright

Eliza Monroe's children:

Eliza Monroe's daughter was Maria Gouverneur

Eliza Monroe's current partners:

Eliza Monroe's husband was President James Monroe

Eliza Monroe's siblings:

Eliza Monroe's sister was Harriet Gouverneur

Eliza Monroe's nieces and nephews:

Eliza Monroe's nephew was Samuel Gouverneur

Eliza Monroe's in laws:

Eliza Monroe's father in law was Andrew Monroe Eliza Monroe's mother in law was Elizabeth Monroe Eliza Monroe's brother in law was Spence Monroe Eliza Monroe's brother in law was Andrew Monroe Eliza Monroe's sister in law was Elizabeth Buckner Eliza Monroe's brother in law was Joseph Monroe Eliza Monroe's son in law was Samuel Gouverneur

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