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David Bailey
Partners of 
David Bailey

David Bailey

David Royston Bailey




2 Jan 1938

David Bailey Bio Details

Full name

David Royston Bailey





Date of birth

2 Jan 1938

Birth place

Leytonstone, London, England, UK



Partners of 
David Bailey

Catherine Bailey


3 children together

Aug 1986

Marie Helvin


married about Nov 1975
divorce 1985

Jean Shrimpton

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1974

Penelope Tree


relationship began 1968
until 1974

Catherine Deneuve


married 19 Aug 1965
divorce 1972

Sue Murray


relationship began circa 1965
until circa 1965

Rosemary Bailey


married about Feb 1960

David Bailey Children

David Bailey Partner(s) Other Children

Paloma Bailey

born 1985, age 31 (approx.)
with Catherine Bailey

Fenton Fox Bailey

born 1987, age 29 (approx.)
with Catherine Bailey

Sascha Bailey

born 1994, age 22 (approx.)
with Catherine Bailey

David Bailey Family

David Bailey's parents:

David Bailey's father is Herbert Bailey David Bailey's mother is Gladys Bailey

David Bailey's children:

David Bailey's daughter is Paloma Bailey David Bailey's son is Fenton Fox Bailey David Bailey's son is Sascha Bailey

David Bailey's current partners:

David Bailey's wife is Catherine Bailey

David Bailey's former partners:

David Bailey is the former fiance of Jean Shrimpton David Bailey's former wife is Catherine Deneuve David Bailey's former husband is Marie Helvin David Bailey had a relationship with Penelope Tree David Bailey had a relationship with Sue Murray David Bailey's former wife is Rosemary Bailey

David Bailey's former in laws:

David Bailey's former mother in law is Renee Simonot David Bailey's former sister in law was Françoise Dorléac David Bailey's former father in law was Maurice Dorléac David Bailey's former half-sister in law is Danielle Dorleac David Bailey's former sister in law is Sylvie Dorleac