Mike Pence Bio Details

Full name

Michael Richard Pence





Date of birth

7 Jun 1959

Birth place

Columbus, Indiana, USA


Radio Presenter (1993 - 1999)

US Congressman (2000)

US Governor (2012)


Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, United States (Finished 1981)

Indiana University McKinney School of Law, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States (1983 - 1986)

A Clean Campaigner

During his first attempts to run for Congress, and subsequent defeats, Pence became disgusted by the attack ads his campaign released.  In 1991 he wrote 'Confessions of a Negative Campaigner' and vowed only to campaign using a positive message in future races.  This appears to contradict Trump's campaign style.

Mike Pence

US Vice-Presidential Candidate & Trump's Running Mate
during the 2016 US Elections
Mike Pence

Relationship History

Karen Pence


engaged 6 Aug 1985

Mike Pence Children

Michael Pence


Michael Pence

with Karen Pence

Charlotte Pence


Charlotte Pence

with Karen Pence

Audrey Pence


Audrey Pence

with Karen Pence

Mike Pence Siblings

Edward P. Pence


Gregory J. Pence


Thomas J. Pence


Anne J. Pence


Mary Pence


Mike Pence Family

Mike Pence's parents:

Mike Pence's father was Edward Pence Mike Pence's mother is Nancy Pence

Mike Pence's children:

Mike Pence's son is Michael Pence Mike Pence's daughter is Charlotte Pence Mike Pence's daughter is Audrey Pence

Mike Pence's current partners:

Mike Pence is the fiance of Karen Pence

Mike Pence's siblings:

Mike Pence's brother is Edward P. Pence Mike Pence's brother is Gregory J. Pence Mike Pence's brother is Thomas J. Pence Mike Pence's sister is Anne J. Pence Mike Pence's sister is Mary Pence

Mike Pence's grandparents:

Mike Pence's grandfather was Richard Cawley Mike Pence's grandmother was Mary Cawley Mike Pence's grandfather was Edward Pence Mike Pence's grandmother was Geraldine Pence

Mike Pence's uncles and aunts:

Mike Pence's uncle is Philip Pence Mike Pence's aunt is Jean Pence