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Bill Wyman
Partners of 
Bill Wyman

Former Rolling Stone
Bill Wyman

William George Perks




24 Oct 1936

Bill Wyman Bio Details

Full name

William George Perks

Also known as

Bill Perks





Date of birth

24 Oct 1936



Grammy Awards

1986 - Lifetime Achievement Award
Changed his name by deed poll from William George Perks to William George Wyman  in August 1964.

Partners of 
Bill Wyman

Suzanne Wyman


3 children together

Apr 1993

Mandy Smith


married 2 Jun 1989
divorce 1991

Astrid Wyman


married 1969
divorce 1986

Diane Wyman


1 child together

married about 24 Oct 1959
divorce 1969

Bill Wyman Children

Bill Wyman Partner(s) Other Children

Stephen Wyman

born 1962, age 54
with Diane Wyman

Katie Wyman

born 1994, age 23 (approx.)
with Suzanne Wyman

Jessica Wyman

born 1995, age 22 (approx.)
with Suzanne Wyman

Mathilda Wyman

born 1998, age 19 (approx.)
with Suzanne Wyman

Bill Wyman Family

Bill Wyman's parents:

Bill Wyman's father is William Perks Bill Wyman's mother is Molly Perks

Bill Wyman's children:

Bill Wyman's son is Stephen Wyman Bill Wyman's daughter is Katie Wyman Bill Wyman's daughter is Jessica Wyman Bill Wyman's daughter is Mathilda Wyman

Bill Wyman's current partners:

Bill Wyman's wife is Suzanne Wyman

Bill Wyman's former partners:

Bill Wyman's former wife is Mandy Smith Bill Wyman's former wife is Astrid Wyman Bill Wyman's former wife is Diane Wyman

Bill Wyman's former in laws:

Bill Wyman's former sister in law is NIcola Smith Bill Wyman's former father in law is John Smith Bill Wyman's former mother in law is Patsy Smith

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