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Noah Galloway
Partners of 
Noah Galloway

US Army Soldier
Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway


37 (approx.)



Noah Galloway
Bio Details

Full name

Noah Galloway




37 (approx.)

Date of birth



US Army Sergeant

Personal Trainer

Motivational Speaker

Competitive Adventure Racer

Lost his arm and leg during an explosion in Irag in 2005. Noah's Dad also has one arm.

Partners of 
Noah Galloway

Relationship History

Jamie Boyd

Broken Engagement

engaged from 12 May 2015
until Oct 2015

Tracy Galloway


2 children together

married after 2015

Brandi Galloway


1 child together

divorce before 2015

Professional Partners

Sharna Burgess

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 16 Mar 2015
until 19 May 2015

Noah Galloway Children

Colston Galloway

born 2005, age 13 (approx.)
with Brandi Galloway

Jack Galloway

born 2008, age 10 (approx.)
with Tracy Galloway

Rian Galloway

born 2010, age 8 (approx.)
with Tracy Galloway

Noah Galloway Partner(s) Other Children


Noah Galloway Family

Noah Galloway's children:

Noah Galloway's son is Colston Galloway Noah Galloway's son is Jack Galloway Noah Galloway's daughter is Rian Galloway

Noah Galloway's former partners:

Noah Galloway is the former fiance of Jamie Boyd Noah Galloway's former wife is Tracy Galloway Noah Galloway's former wife is Brandi Galloway

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