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Partners of 
Sam Faiers
Sam Faiers

Partners of 
Sam Faiers

Paul Knightley


1 child together

relationship began about Oct 2014

Joey Essex

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed Mar 2014
until Oct 2014

Ollie Locke


dated from Feb 2014
until before Mar 2014

Elliott Wright


dated from Oct 2013
until Oct 2013

Scotty T

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from Aug 2013

Mark Wright


dated from Dec 2010
until 2011

Lewis Bloor


dated from before 2010
until before 2010

Paul Day


Sam Faiers Bio Details

Full name

Samantha Faiers





Date of birth

31 Dec 1990

Birth place

Brentwood, Essex, UK


Bank Clerk

Model (2009)

Reality TV Personality (2010)

Boutique Owner (2011)


Sam Faiers is diagnosed with Chron's Feb 2014


Between the ages of 12 and 15 Sam Faiers trained with the British Olympic Gymnastic Squad
Owns and runs a clothes boutique called Minnies with her sister Sam as well as a Minnies Pop Up tour across the UK.
Rumours of a TOWIE spin off featuring Billie and her sister Sam
Llaunched her first memoir in April 2015 entitled Secrets and Lies

Sam Faiers Siblings

Billie Faiers


TOWIE Reality TV Star
Sam Faiers

Samantha Faiers




31 Dec 1990

Sam Faiers Partner(s) Other Children

Sam Faiers Children

Paul Faiers-Knightley

born 2015, age 1
with Paul Knightley

Sam Faiers Family

Sam Faiers's parents:

Sam Faiers's father is Lee Faiers Sam Faiers's mother is Sue Wells Sam Faiers's step-father is David Chatwood

Sam Faiers's children:

Sam Faiers's son is Paul Faiers-Knightley

Sam Faiers's current partners:

Sam Faiers has a relationship with Paul Knightley Sam Faiers is dating Paul Day

Sam Faiers's former partners:

Sam Faiers had an on-off relationship with Joey Essex Sam Faiers dated Ollie Locke Sam Faiers dated Elliott Wright Sam Faiers had a brief liaison with Scotty T Sam Faiers dated Mark Wright Sam Faiers dated Lewis Bloor

Sam Faiers's siblings:

Sam Faiers's sister is Billie Faiers

Sam Faiers's nieces and nephews:

Sam Faiers's niece is Nelly Shepherd

Sam Faiers FameChain Links

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)


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