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John Dunbar
Partner of 
John Dunbar

John Dunbar

John Dunbar


74 (approx.)



John Dunbar Bio Details

Full name

John Dunbar




74 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Mexico City, Mexico



Founded the Indica Gallery with Barry Miles in 1965.  The gallery exhibited the work of Yoko Ono her "Unfinished Paintings and Objects"  It was here on the 9th November 1966 John Dunbar introduced Yoko to John Lennon of the  Beatles.

John Dunbar Siblings

Marian Adams


Margaret Dunbar


Jennifer Dunbar


Partners of 
John Dunbar

Marianne Faithfull


1965 - 1966

John Dunbar Family

John Dunbar's parents:

John Dunbar's father was Robert Dunbar John Dunbar's mother was Tatiana Dunbar

John Dunbar's former partners:

John Dunbar's former wife is Marianne Faithfull

John Dunbar's siblings:

John Dunbar's sister is Marian Adams John Dunbar's sister is Margaret Dunbar John Dunbar's brother is Jennifer Dunbar

John Dunbar's former in laws:

John Dunbar's former father in law was Glyn Faithfull John Dunbar's former grandfather in law was Theodore Faithfull-Davies John Dunbar's former mother in law was Eva Von Sacher-Masoch John Dunbar's former grandmother in law was Frances Faithfull-Davies John Dunbar's former grandfather in law is Artur Von Sacher-Masoch John Dunbar's former grandmother in law is Flora Sacher-Masoch John Dunbar's former wife Marianne Faithfull's uncle in law was Alexander Von Sacher-Masoch