Chris Stamp Bio Details

Full name

Christopher Thomas Stamp





Date of birth

7 Jul 1942

Birth place

Stepney, London, England, UK

Date of death:

24 Nov 2012

Cause of death


Co-manager of the Who alongside Kit Lambert.  Together they founded Track records and contributed to kickstarting the career of Jimi Hendrix.

Chris Stamp

Former Co-Manager of The Who
Chris Stamp

Relationship History

Sally Burgess


2 children together

Calixte Stamp


Professional Partners

Kit Lambert

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 1964
until 1973

Chris Stamp Children

Rosie Stamp


Rosie Stamp

with Sally Burgess

Amie Stoppard


Amie Stoppard

with Sally Burgess

Married to British Actor Ed Stoppard Niece of British Actor Terence Stamp

Chris Stamp Siblings

Terence Stamp


Chris Stamp Family

Chris Stamp's parents:

Chris Stamp's father is Thomas Stamp Chris Stamp's mother is Ethel Stamp

Chris Stamp's children:

Chris Stamp's daughter is Rosie Stamp Chris Stamp's daughter is Amie Stoppard

Chris Stamp's current partners:

Chris Stamp's wife was Sally Burgess Chris Stamp's wife was Calixte Stamp

Chris Stamp's siblings:

Chris Stamp's brother is Terence Stamp

Chris Stamp's grandchildren:

Chris Stamp's granddaughter is Esme Stoppard Chris Stamp's granddaughter is Maggie Stoppard Chris Stamp's granddaughter is Evie Stoppard

Chris Stamp's in laws:

Chris Stamp's son in law is Ed Stoppard