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Peter Sellers
Partners of 
Peter Sellers

Comic Genius
Pink Panther Star
Peter Sellers

Richard Henry Sellers




8 Sep 1925


24 Jul 1980

Peter Sellers Bio Details

Full name

Richard Henry Sellers





Date of birth

8 Sep 1925

Birth place

Southsea, Hampshire, England, UK

Date of death:

24 Jul 1980

Place of death

London, England, UK

Cause of death

Heart Attack




Near Death Experience

In 1964 Peter Sellers suffered a series of 8 heart attacks. Peter describes having an out of body experience.
He was the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy Magazine.


1960 - Best British Actor - I'm All Right Jack

Golden Globes

1980 - Best Actor - Being There

Peter Sellers Siblings

Peter Sellers


Partners of 
Peter Sellers

Lynne Frederick


18 Feb 1977

Liza Minnelli

Broken Engagement

engaged from 23 May 1973
until before 16 Jun 1974

Miranda Macmillan, Countess of Stockton
Miranda Quarry


married 24 Aug 1970
divorce about Sep 1974

Britt Ekland


1 child together

married Feb 1964
divorce 1968

Anne Levy


2 children together

relationship began 15 Sep 1951
until 1961

Tessa Dahl


Peter Sellers Children

Peter Sellers Partner(s) Other Children

Michael Sellers

born 1954, died 2006, age 52
with Anne Levy

Son of Actor Peter Sellers

Sarah Sellers

born 1957, age 59
with Anne Levy

Daughter of Comic Genius Peter Sellers

Victoria Sellers

born 1965, age 52 (approx.)
with Britt Ekland

Daughter of Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland

Cassie Unger

born 1983, age 34 (approx.)
step-child with Lynne Frederick

Inherited part of Peter Seller's fortune

Peter Sellers Family

Peter Sellers's parents:

Peter Sellers's father was Bill Sellers Peter Sellers's mother was Peg Sellers Peter Sellers's step-father is John Ayers

Peter Sellers's children:

Peter Sellers's son was Michael Sellers Peter Sellers's daughter is Sarah Sellers Peter Sellers's daughter is Victoria Sellers Peter Sellers's step-daughter is Cassie Unger

Peter Sellers's current partners:

Peter Sellers's wife was Lynne Frederick

Peter Sellers's former partners:

Peter Sellers allegedly had an affair with HRH The Princess Margaret Peter Sellers is the former fiance of Liza Minnelli Peter Sellers's former wife is Britt Ekland Peter Sellers had a relationship with Anne Levy Peter Sellers had an affair with Tessa Dahl Peter Sellers's former wife is Miranda Macmillan, Countess of Stockton Miranda Quarry Peter Sellers dated Francesca Hilton

Peter Sellers's siblings:

Peter Sellers's brother was Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers's grandparents:

Peter Sellers's grandmother was Welcome Marks, Miss Belle Ray Peter Sellers's grandfather was Solomon Marks

Peter Sellers's great grandparents:

Peter Sellers's great grandfather was Isaac Mendoza Peter Sellers's great grandmother was Elizabeth Mendoza   Peter Sellers's great great grandfather was Dan Mendoza Peter Sellers's great great grandmother was Esther Mendoza   Peter Sellers's 3x great grandfather is Abraham Mendoza Peter Sellers's 3x great grandmother is Esther Mendoza

Peter Sellers's in laws:

Peter Sellers's father in law is Andrew Frederick Peter Sellers's mother in law is Iris Frederick Peter Sellers's grandmother in law is Cecilia Sullivan Peter Sellers's daughter in law is Alison Sellers Peter Sellers's son in law is Eddie Escargot, Edward Greenhalgh

Peter Sellers's former in laws:

Peter Sellers's former father in law is Sven Eklund Peter Sellers's former mother in law is Maj Eklund Peter Sellers's former brother in law is Bo Ekland Peter Sellers's former brother in law is Carl Ekland Peter Sellers's former daughter in law is Carolyn Athay

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