Lord Melbourne Bio Details

Full name

Viscount William Lamb

Also known as

William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne





Date of birth

15 Mar 1779

Birth place

London, UK

Date of death:

24 Nov 1848

Place of death

London, UK

Cause of death

A Stroke


MP (1806 - 1812)

MP (1816)

British Secretary for Ireland (1827)

Home Secretary (1830)

British Prime Minster (1834)

British Prime Minster (1835)


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Cambridge University : Trinity College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Became a mentor to Queen Victoria when she came to the throne in 1837, tutoring her in government and politics until his resignation in 1841 when The Queen's husband Albert took over as her confidante.
Resigned as British Prime Minister after a defeat in Parliament in 1839.  Queen Victoria invited the conservative leader, Sir Robert Peel, to form a government but refused to replace her Whig ladies of the bedchamber with Tory ones as per the usual practice.  As a result Peel declined to form parliament and Lord Melbourned returned to office.

Lord Melbourne

19th Century British Prime Minister and Mentor to Queen Victoria
Lord Melbourne

Relationship History

Lady Caroline Lamb


1 child together

marriage 1805
estranged from 1825

Lord Melbourne Children

Augustus Lamb


Augustus Lamb

with Lady Caroline Lamb

Only Son of Lord Melbourne

Lord Melbourne Siblings

Frederic Lamb, 3rd Viscount Melbourne


other parent: Unknown

Peniston Lamb


George Milbanke


other parent: King George IV of the United Kingdom

George Lamb


Emily Temple


Lord Melbourne Family

Lord Melbourne's parents:

Lord Melbourne's father was Peniston Lamb, 1st Viscount Melbourne Lord Melbourne's mother was Elizabeth Lamb, Viscountess Melbourne

Lord Melbourne's children:

Lord Melbourne's son was Augustus Lamb

Lord Melbourne's former partners:

Lord Melbourne's former wife was Lady Caroline Lamb

Lord Melbourne's siblings:

Lord Melbourne's half-brother was Frederic Lamb, 3rd Viscount Melbourne Lord Melbourne's brother was Peniston Lamb Lord Melbourne's half-brother was George Milbanke Lord Melbourne's brother was George Lamb Lord Melbourne's sister was Emily Temple

Lord Melbourne's nieces and nephews:

Lord Melbourne's niece was Frances Jocelyn Lord Melbourne's nephew was George Cowper Lord Melbourne's niece was Emily Ashley-Cooper Lord Melbourne's nephew was William Cowper-Temple Lord Melbourne's nephew was Charles Cowper

Lord Melbourne's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Lord Melbourne's great niece was Edith Gore

Lord Melbourne's grandparents:

Lord Melbourne's grandfather was Ralph Milbanke Lord Melbourne's grandmother was Elizabeth Milbanke Lord Melbourne's grandfather was Sir Matthew Lamb, 1st Baronet Lord Melbourne's grandmother is Lady Charlotte Lamb

Lord Melbourne's uncles and aunts:

Lord Melbourne's uncle was Ralph Noel Lord Melbourne's aunt-by-marriage is Judith Noel

Lord Melbourne's cousins:

Lord Melbourne's cousin was Annabella Noel-Byron

Lord Melbourne's first cousins once removed:

Lord Melbourne's first cousin once removed was Ada King

Lord Melbourne's former in laws:

Lord Melbourne's former father in law was Frederick Ponsonby Lord Melbourne's former mother in law was Henrietta Ponsonby Lord Melbourne's former grandfather in law was John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer Lord Melbourne's former grandmother in law was Margaret Spencer Lord Melbourne's former wife Lady Caroline Lamb's aunt in law was Lady Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire Lord Melbourne's former wife Lady Caroline Lamb's uncle-by-marriage was William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire Lord Melbourne's former wife Lady Caroline Lamb's uncle in law was George Spencer 2nd Earl Spencer Lord Melbourne's former wife Lady Caroline Lamb's aunt-by-marriage was Lady Lavinia Bingham

Lord Melbourne FameChain Links

British Prime Ministers (19th Century)

1835 - 1841

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British Prime Ministers (19th Century)

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