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Dan Mazer
Partner of 
Dan Mazer

British Comedian  
Dan Mazer

Dan Mazer


45 (approx.)


Saturday 01 Jan 1972

Dan Mazer
Bio Details

Full name

Dan Mazer




45 (approx.)

Date of birth

Saturday 01 Jan 1972


TV Producer

Nominated for an Academy Award for his production of Ali G.

Partners of 
Dan Mazer

Daisy Donovan


2 children together


Dan Mazer Children

Mini Mazer

with Daisy Donovan

Maisy Mazer

born 2007, age 10 (approx.)
with Daisy Donovan

Dan Mazer Partner(s) Other Children


Dan Mazer Family

Dan Mazer's children:

Dan Mazer's daughter is Mini Mazer Dan Mazer's daughter is Maisy Mazer

Dan Mazer's current partners:

Dan Mazer's wife is Daisy Donovan

Dan Mazer's in laws:

Dan Mazer's father in law was Terence Donovan Dan Mazer's half-brother in law is Dan Donovan Dan Mazer's mother in law is Diana Donovan Dan Mazer's grandfather in law is Daniel Donovan Dan Mazer's grandmother in law is Constance Donovan Dan Mazer's brother in law is Terry Donovan

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